Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities with Cavalry Realty LLC

Why have a Real Estate company oversee your business or your sales, when you can have your own real estate office?Keep more or larger profits in your own pocket, profit from other realtors working out of your office. Are you a home builder? Land developer? Property investor that buys & flips properties? Or are you a realtor with a team? Keep your inventory to yourself and invite other realtors to work out of your office. You will benefit from their work and profit along the way. Stop working harder and take control of your life. Cavalry Realty can make that happen. Let us take care of all the hard work. Call Thomas Stewart/ Broker for a free private consultation about your needs and wants.
We are sure we can accommodate you.

1580 Robin Hood Drive
Etters, PA 17319
Phone: (717) 932-2599
Fax: (717) 932-3958

Satellite Office operations with outside ownership

  1. Broker of Record
  2. Management of the Realtors in that office
  3. Supply Web advertising
  4. Supply some print advertising
  5. E & ) Insurance (at cost)
  6. Three signs to get started (additional signs can be purchased at cost)
  7. Supply all contracts
  8. Supply all training as needed
  9. Supply all real estate software as needed
  10. Hold escrow account
  11. Management Realtors commission account
  12. Help in recruiting agents
  13. Exclusive office territory*

You supply the following:

  1. Office space
  2. Office furniture
  3. Conference room
  4. Copier
  5. Fax Machine
  6. Phones and answering machines
  7. Office supplies
  8. Internet access
  9. Computers

The commissions are split between Cavalry Realty LLC and the owners of the satellite office after Realtors commission is paid. All management from Cavalry Realty LLC is based on the monthly minimum of $2000 a month. Anything less than that a month, Cavalry Realty LLC has the right to charge an hourly rate after the fifth month anniversary of the start of the satellite office.

*Exclusive office territory of a 2.5 mile radius, where no other Cavalry Realty LLC offices may reside. However, all Cavalry Realty LLC agents can solicit, service, advertise and offer their services to any person anywhere, subject to real estate licensing restrictions.